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Inner Child Therapy

What is Inner Child Work?

Inner child work is a transformative process that helps individuals reconnect with and heal their inner child—the part of themselves that retains the feelings, experiences, and memories of their childhood. By addressing unresolved emotional wounds and understanding behavior patterns rooted in the past, inner child work offers a pathway to personal growth, healing, and self-understanding.

Why you need Inner Child Work NOW?

  • You find yourself repeating the same unhealthy patterns in your relationships or personal life.

  • You feel trapped by memories and emotions from your past.

  • You're weighed down by emotional burdens that seem impossible to shake.

  • Struggling to make sense of why you react the way you do?

  • Does your self-esteem suffer from the wounds of the past?

  • Do your relationships suffer from unresolved pain and misunderstanding? the past?

  • Tired of old habits that no longer serve you?

Experience lasting freedom and peace

Healing unresolved traumas through inner child therapy is about more than just managing symptoms—it’s about achieving lasting freedom and peace. It’s about reclaiming your life from the shadows of the past and stepping into a future filled with possibility and joy.


Bernadette will expertly guide you through the powerful journey of Inner Child Work. Through gentle hypnosis and meditation, she will help you free yourself from childhood traumas to uncover the wisdom that reveals your true authentic self.

How will Inner Child Work help me?

Inner Child Work will help you:

  • Confront Deep-Seated Wounds. By acknowledging and working through these wounds, you can start to break free from their grip on your present life.

  • Release Emotional Pain. By giving voice to suppressed emotions and fostering healing dialogue, you can experience a profound sense of relief and emotional lightness.

  • Understand the Impact of Trauma. By exploring how past traumas have shaped your beliefs and responses, you gain clarity and self-awareness crucial for healing.

  • Rebuild a Positive Self-Image. Through compassionate exploration and validation of your inner child’s experiences, you can cultivate a more positive self-perception and genuine self-acceptance.

  • Develop Healthy Coping Mechanisms. By learning to soothe and care for your inner child’s needs, you develop resilience and adaptive responses to life’s challenges, promoting long-term emotional well-being.

  • Transform Relationships. Break free from destructive cycles, communicate more authentically, and forge deeper, more fulfilling connections with others.

Inner Child Work near me

Inner Child Work can be conducted online from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to visit a therapist's office, unless preferred.​


Don’t let past traumas dictate your present and future. Embrace inner child therapy and take the first step towards a life of greater peace, freedom, and fulfillment. Your journey to healing begins today—unlock the door to a brighter, more empowered future.

Begin your healing journey now

​There’s no better time than now to begin healing your unresolved traumas. Whether you’re searching for “inner child therapy near me,” exploring “inner child meditation,” or seeking “inner child hypnotherapy” and “inner child hypnosis,” inner child therapy offers a transformative path to healing.

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